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Holy smokes, I can't figure out how to zoom out on that photo of me and my bub! So here I am, (really) uncomfortably close, wrinkles, pores and all! Yikes! But hey, I'm all about honestly documenting life, so why should my "hey there" photo be any different, right?

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by! I always feel a bit strange rambling on about myself, but here goes.


First and foremost I am a mom. A boy mom at that. I am surrounded by and often partake in Nerf and Lightsaber battles. I love super hero movies, and I'm a sucker for everything Star Wars and Harry Potter.

I try not to take myself too seriously. I love to laugh. I love to play, and I am determined to remain very close to my inner child.  Having the opportunity to play and interact with little ones is one of my most favorite parts of being a photographer.

I am an introvert by nature, which also means I am a master of observation and lover of  authenticity.  Storytelling and photography is a natural extension of who I am.


Since I first picked up a camera, I knew I wanted to shoot differently!  I knew I wanted to tell an honest story with my photographs; not a posed version of life. It’s ALWAYS in those "in between" moments, that I capture the raw, honest beauty of life.  And boy, how I love those moments.


There is nothing I would love more, than to capture those moments for your family. Whether, they include a face full of paint, tender snuggles and kisses, giant bear hugs or rolls in the grass, I will be there to document your story.


I hope to meet you soon and may the Force be with you… Oh, and Lumos!

- Lori

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