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Visiting Dad

I've been capturing this family for a few years now and from the start I knew we'd make a perfect match! I was super pumped when mom suggested we meet at the golf course that dad cares for!

It was a warm October day. The trees were blazing in all their fall glory and the evening sun cast a perfect glow upon it all!

The girls greeted me with hugs and shared all sorts of tidbits about their day; then off we went to all of their favorite spots. Visiting dad at work was a thing they did. It wasn't just a pretty spot, and that's what makes this session special! This place is part of their story! The girls would get home and set off to visit dad, putt around, run about and just be a family!

It will be these moments that these girls will talk about when they reminisce about their childhood...riding in golf carts, putting with dad, running into mom's arms, and everything else that comes along with the wide open spaces of a golf course!

I adored everything about this session and even after all these months, I still look through these images and smile...

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