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Dear Oliver: Our Thursday Morning

Dear Oliver,

Have I told you lately how much I love you? I never thought I'd fall for such a wild, freewheeling rebel like you...but here I am, chest pounding, tears welling, loving every itty bitty inch of you. So in case I haven't told you lately, I love you. I love you like crazy.

This morning we stayed home, just you and I. It's rare when we do that, always running to playdates or visiting family or picking up odds and ends. We rarely have a quiet day in. But today was different and it was lovely.

We made a mess with finger paints. It didn't last long; you didn't like it on your hands. You're just like you're brother that way. So off we went to have a bath, you washing all of the paint away with cups full of water. You even tried to go potty on the big boy potty. You squeezed and squeezed and managed a toot. "Done!" you said, and then peeked in the toilet to see your hard work. There was nothing there, but you still earned a pop for trying.

Back in your room we dried off and in typical Oliver fashion, you remained naked for a bit too long as you played with your toys. I finally managed to get your diaper on, and you, your shoes on, and that was that. "I bine," you said, as I encouraged you to get fully dressed. I know, I know...there were "choo choos" to choo choo and left over soggy cereal to eat. So off you went, in your diaper and Crocs. Who am I to argue?

You played with your choo choos and slurped up that soggy cereal and it was perfect. My morning with you, my dear Oliver, was perfect.

These are the days Bubbers, and even though I know you won't remember them, I want you to have this to look back on. I want you to see the love in every moment I document. I want you to see your life, just as it was, when you were two years old.


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