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City Hangs

When I got this inquiry last fall I knew we'd be a match made in heaven! This is what dreams are made of, as far as Storytelling sessions go anyway! A family who wanted me to document their neighborhood adventures. It wasn't about a pretty location that I picked with just the right light and just the right time of day. This was THEIR hangout! THEIR tiny adventure! THEIR life!

As the date approached it was clear that we were not going to win the weather lottery. The forecast remained unchanged. Storms. Clouds. Ugh! We went back and forth debating whether or not we should go for it. I suggested that a rainy day session would be fun. Different. Ultimately, I left it up to them and they jumped on the crazy train with me as we trekked out into the questionable Wisconsin weather.

In the end, the weather didn't matter, because family storytelling isn't about pretty light, it's about family. It's about making memories that matter. It's about blowing bubbles, running through the mud (and using leaves to wipe off the mud), jumping off amphitheater benches, singing Wheels on the Bus. It's about snuggling under umbrellas and finding warmth in those snuggles. It's about being independent and running off into their wild. It's about sharing mom and dad's nostalgia of tasting wild red clover. It's about family. This is family...


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